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1st Week
Animal Man
Dial H
Earth 2
Punisher - ending in February
Swamp Thing
Sweet Tooth - ending in December
Willow - mini
Worlds' Finest

2nd Week
Demon Knights
The Massive
Peter Panzerfaust
Saucer Country
Uncanny Avengers

3rd Week
Birds of Prey
Captain Marvel
Spike - mini
Wonder Woman

4th Week
All Star Western
Angel and Faith
Debris - mini
I, Vampire
Justice League Dark
New Deadwardians - mini

Good lord so many comics. I need to cut :|

Comic reviews for May 30, 2012

Light week for me (and the industry in general): Angel and Faith 10, Animal Man Annual 1, Batman Annual 1, Grim Leaper 1, The New Deadwardians 3, and Peter Panzerfaust 4.

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Comic Book Store Pilgrimage

So my family recently went on a 4 week+ vacation in Canada and the US while politics exploded in the Philippines. While there, we mostly shopped and ate really great food, but, on the side, I was visiting a comic shop per destination (or at least tried to).

Where I went and what I got after the jump

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Comic reviews 4.25.2012 - 5.23.2012

Now that my month long vacation is done, it's time to ease back into my regular life, which includes reading through 38 comics that I missed. Because of the large amount of books, I'm gonna just be quick reviewing and using bullet points

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Light week for me, highlighted by Batman and Wonder Woman.

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Comic Reviews for April 11, 2012

Looking ahead, my even weeks are going to be expensive for a while since I'll have at least 9 books for the foreseeable future.

Also, I'm declaring 2nd weeks as Sci-Fi Week: Saucer Country, Saga and Frankenstein all come out this week, and they're incredibly sci-fi. Really, these three books alone are better than the bulk of sci-fi on TV these days, and could match the best of what's going on in sci-fi right now. It could just as easily be Paul Cornell Week since both of his books this week as well.

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Comic Reviews for April 4, 2012

5 titles this week

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Comic reviews for March 21 and March 28

The last two weeks were hellish with exams and all, but whatever: it's summer and I'm free! So here's my reviews for the people who actually look at my blog (me).

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